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Jawsome Birthday II thatsharkguy


A special day like this, required some special celebration, and that was exactly what the freestyle swimmer was planning to do. 

A week before, he and Gou had traveled down to Samezuka. Made sure to talk with the swimming school’s captain about their plans (Haru’s plan) and then finally asking to borrow what they needed to make this idea become real. To both their surprise (but mostly Haru’s) the captain agreed, rather quickly as well. The only thing that he asked for back, was that they had to clean everything up afterwards. Which both him and Gou promised to take care of. 

The day before the day, Haru was visiting the mall, doing some shopping for the stuff that was involved with his plans, along with a little side present he would give to his boyfriend along with the main present.

Rin’s roommate was also one that he needed to talk to so that his plans wouldn’t get messed up or worse, ruined. After some research, he had got the number to Nitori, and at the same day as the mall shopping, he had called to inform him about his plans and that he had to keep it to himself since the meaning was that it was gonna be a surprise to Rin. Nitori agreed as well, and told Haruka he would do his best to keep his room mate busy and away from Samezuka that day, until later that evening.

Now was the day, February 2nd, Rin’s birthday. Haruka looked at his phone (which he now had realized was pretty useful after the past days) he checked the time. 2 Hours left until Nitori would bring Rin back to Samezuka. He breathed out. There still was plenty of time until they would arrive. It wasn’t that much that needed to be fixed, but Haru hated to stress, so he had made sure so that he would have enough time to arrange everything. 

Finally, everything was done. He had got a text from Nitori, telling he should go to the meeting point, and that Haruka did. Doing some last check ups, he went to the ‘meeting point’. Rin’s dorm room. Turning all the lights off, blindfold in hand, he positioned himself behind the closet beside the door. Reaching for his phone again, he sent one last msg to Nitori.

(( To: Nitori )) -  Make sure to say you got plans and leave, and that he enters the school and his room alone. Thanks for the help, I owe you one.

And now, he only had to wait.

He knew that being his birthday, people would want to be with him and celebrate the day. Birthdays were an important thing for people after all. It was important to him too when he was younger but right now he didn’t really care. He had more to worry about. Yet Nitori had to drag him to the mall after classes to celebrate. A few more of the Samezuka guys Rin spent some time with were there as well. But really, Rin was doing this to make Nitori happy. The guy could be a bit too clingy sometimes but he was a good friend so Rin cared about him. Of course he did. So he stood. Even if he was starting to be in a bad humour because Haru was not there. He hadn’t talked to his boyfriend yet today and he was the one he wanted to talk more with.

They went to meet with the Iwatobi guys and Haru wasn’t there as well. Not even his friends had seen him after school. Even his sister had text him. But nothing from Haru as of today.

Rin knew he couldn’t have forgotten, right? Was he planning something? 

But the shark was never that confident and self centered so he dismissed the idea, feeling even more depressed. 

Then when they came back to school, Nitori left him to go meet with someone else and the shark secretly thanked the possibility of being alone and walked back to his room. 

He opened the door of his bedroom and entered, turning the light on. It was when shock took over him, his eyes widening.

"Haru?" he blurted with a high tone. But he quickly felt relief wash over him now that his boyfriend was here.


Haruka’s breath hitches and he swallows, it feels as if his brain slows down, focusing only on repeating the words he just heard.

 'Then maybe we should do something about it' 

He doesn’t need any experience to know exactly what the redhead meant, he doesn’t move a muscle though, his eyes are glued to Rin’s, almost confused by the teen’s sudden change of attitude. 

'we should do something about it'

Rin and him. Do something

Haruka inhales after what seems like forever but in reality was no longer than half minute, his grip on Rin’s waist tightens as his eyes drop to check Rin out again, not even trying to cover his interest.

Nothing ever happened between them, Haruka never even thought of the redhead in that manner, yet this, this almost nerve wrecking tension, this anticipation, this excitement that sent shivers down his spine, he could recognize, it’s how he felt with Rin, always.

"Rin." he says finally, it took him a whole minute to realize that he was most likely attracted to his childhood friend for longer than half hour, and that the dress was just…a nice bonus to what Rin already was.

It was surprisingly easy to accept once he wrapped his head around the idea that he wanted him, badly.

So he let go off his waist and slides his hands down, feeling the firm ass and grabbing the back of his thighs and raising the—heavy— shark up, walking toward the nearest desk and placing him on it. 

The raven leans down until Rin has no option but lie on the desk, their faces are close, close enough for Haruka to feel Rin’s breath. He feels hot, he can hear his heartbeat loud and clear in his ears, and there’s nothing he wants to do than to continue, yet he waits, he’s not sure for what yet he does.

Rin’s breathing hitches as the other tightens his grip on his waist.

Was this even a good idea? He wanted to be rational but it was impossible with Haru so close to him. His warmth and touch right there. Whatever he did, he knew Haruka wouldn’t deny him. He couldn’t pull away from that. It was too tempting. 

His heart skipped a bit as Haru finally answered with just a breathing of his name. The time seemed to drag itself much slower than usual. The way the raven said his name, the meaning behind it.. It turned the shark on and so he couldn’t stop the other when he harassed his backside, grabbing him by his thighs even if it surprised him. He clang to the dolphin’s neck by instinct. It was definitely embarrassing to be carried by Haru in such a dress. He huffed slightly as his body was dropped on the desk but now all he could see was Haru’s eyes so close. Their breathings mixing… 

The shark’s hand moved up to cup the other’s cheek and Rin didn’t wait another second to pull him for a needy kiss. 


Rin and Haru Edo Japan AU thats been floating in my mind for a while. Not much of a story in mind yet…Haru would be some kinda fisherman and Rin would be a mercenary or a youkai (“shark youkai” suggested by lish lolo) may play with this more later! I based this style on Hiroaki Samura. 

Telling this so you’ll do something about this - states bluntly - or you can’t?

That’s really not something I’ll discuss with you. That’s our private lives. -snaps stubbornly-

cherryblossomharu whispered: Your boyfie, Sakura, is really sexually frustrated lately but too stubborn to admit, it's a pain, give him a laid - deadpan - (it's ic msg)


"Oi.. Why the hell are you telling me such embarrassing stuff?!" the shark sighed in annoyance.


"Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve been to your place!"







  I can’t get the idea out of my head that when Rins put on the shirt he smells it and makes a “huh” sound and Haru asks what’s wrong and Rin goes “I half expected it to smell like chlorine.”

  Haru gets a bit annoyed and tells him he does the laundry regularly and Rins smiles and says “Cooks and cleans. You’ll make a good husband one day.” 

  Haru turns away like he does when he’s embarrassed and Rin’s grin grows bigger when he notices him blushing a little bit X3

Rin & Haru scans.